Shtastliveca Veliko Tarnovo
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Shtastliveca - Mall Galleria
Stara Zagora
Shtastliveca - Vitosha Boulevard
Shtastliveca San Stefano Plaza

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Since July, Sofia already has another "Shtastliveca"
Now, 120 years after the release of "To Chicago and back" and 17 years after the first restaurant, Sofia got its own Shastlivets!

Hello, Sofia!
Aleko Konstantinov needs a few weeks to get to Chicago and back ... But Sofia has been waiting for 17 years before the authentic "Shtastliveca" restaurant opened on Vitosha Boulevard!
This is the restaurant chain that will make you feel at home - a perfect central location between Denkoglu Street and Solunska Street. The restaurant will welcome you in two halls for 100 people, and the summer garden includes over 80 seats.

Veliko Tarnovo at night ... for everyone, loaded with impressions and emotions, slightly hungry, and also thirsty, there is one place ... one restaurant, one tradition! Shtastliveca!

And in the capital, the chain retains its distinctive style "Shabby chic" and "Vintage", responding quite credibly to the domestic urban interior of Europe since the 1930s.
One of the chain's trademarks are the thematic nights devoted to different peoples and their cuisine, lifestyle and culture.

The menu: Do not doubt that you will find delicious dishes from the European and Bulgarian table! The seasons are in line with the menu or the menu is in tune with the seasons - consider yourself at dinner, but do not forget to come back to lunch again to try something at a special price from the menu!