Shtastliveca Veliko Tarnovo
Old Town
Shtastliveca - Mall Galleria
Stara Zagora
Shtastliveca - Vitosha Boulevard
Shtastliveca San Stefano Plaza

About restaurant

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When style meets taste ... ;-)

For 20 years, we have gone a long way with many tastes, aromas and memories.

We walked together to get to here and now. "Shtastliveca - Sofia San Stefano Plaza", where the standards are refracted through personal gaze and inspiration.

The restaurant offers 185 seats, including 60 seats on the magnificent indoor terrace, a boutique VIP hall with 12 seats and 20 seats in front of the complex. The building provides over 400 parking spaces for customer convenience. Venice is the interior destination of the new "travel history" of "Shtastliveca - Sofia San Stefano Plaza", and the culinary destinations are countless. Only here you can taste the special culinary delights in a home-style typical of the restaurant's culinary arrangements.