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About Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is one of those special cities that are large enough to offer variety and possibilities, but small enough to preserve home-like coziness and romance. The narrow cobbled streets, the small terraces with great views, the greenery and the sense of regality are among the most characteristic things for the old Bulgarian capital.

Thanks to its noble heritage, Veliko Tarnovo continues today to develop and be an attractive center for people from all over Bulgaria. From autumn to early summer, students are the heart of the city, and the youthful feeling when walking through the friendly streets or parks is unique.

In this context, there are also "Shtastliveca" restaurants, which with their sophisticated atmosphere complement and further develop the image of Veliko Tarnovo as a city of opportunities but also as a city of cosiness.

Because our restaurants offer a wide range of choices, but they also do not allow you to be separated from feeling as if you are at home.