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The people in Veliko Tarnovo are full of happiness. They live in a colorful city with a five-thousand-year history. Surrounded by famous buildings and landscapes, they even to this day convey the mysterious legends, lurking in the beautiful Veliko Tarnovo region.

The history of the city continues its course today. Unforgettable are the names contributing to their beloved city. Love of the homeland and staying true to their roots keep that flame in the eyes, which inspires people to do the best they are capable of, to leave behind.. Over the last ten years in the old centre of Veliko Tarnovo, new masterpieces have been born ... - The oldest and most distinguished of all the Shtastliveca Restaurants. This is one of the places visited by thousands of tourists each year, according to Tripadvisor charts. Creators of the refined retro interiors are Prof. Ognian Lambev and Dido.

The author of the interior is Prof. Ognian Lambev, a professional designer. The furnishing of both levels of the restaurant is thematic. Dedicated to the time when the great writer Aleko Konstantinov - "Shastlivetsa" lived and worked, Prof. Lambev has carefully selected the elements that thematically take guests back to the era of the secession.

On the first floor an over 120 sq.m.Hall 1 is situated, designed for 70 visitors. Here is one of the emblematic terraces of Veliko Tarnovo ... including 50 seats and a fabulous view of the whole old part of the town. The elegant furniture is made of solid wood, wood and leather. The feeling of warmth and coziness is enhanced by floor ceramics, "natural" stone and subdued lighting. A portrait of the writer with the creative nickname "Shastlivetsa" occupies a central place in the hall. Set over the fireplace, he brings a light nostalgia of the time of that significant man, the happy Aleko Konstantinov. The interior of the sophisticated salon is complemented by the cabinet look of many decorative elements and accessories that reinforce the classic view of the room.

Hall 2 is located on the second floor of the most visited by tourists street in Veliko Tarnovo and has a capacity of 60 people. It is furnished in an original way and recreates the setting of an Italian pizza restaurant from the end of the 19th century. The foreign sound is created by the pleasant unobtrusive blend of fine materials and noble colors. The original pizza baking oven occupies a central place in this room. It is made of French quartz and the preparation of your pizza is one of the main attractions in the restaurant.

The open-air summer garden at this level has 70 seats for visitors and is part of the authentic old part of Veliko Tarnovo.

Stylish utensils, authentic souvenirs, bronze candlesticks and the textile on the tables, as well as the many reproductions of the artists Klim and Mucha, the authentic Viennese balls and concerts, add to the old-fashioned sound of the restaurant "Shtastliveca" 1. The dishes are entirely home-made, prepared with quality and specially selected products and the new techniques in the preparation of the food is the wink to modern times. For old recipes in an innovative version with a drink of choice or just for a cup of coffee you can rely on Shastlivetsa 1 from 11 am until midnight.

So ... with best wishes for many happy moments in the old town, the restaurant Shtastliveca 1 is waiting for you! Our phone for reservations and delivery is: +359 62 600656