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Stara Zagora already has its own Shtastliveca now. On October 6, 2011 at Mall Galleria another restaurant opened with the well-known in every corner of Bulgaria name Shtastliveca.

The beginning was set in 1997 in the old capital - Veliko Tarnovo. The restaurant is named after the great Bulgarian writer Aleko Konstantinov, whose nickname is "Shastlivetsa". Initially, the interior of the restaurants was authentic and referred to the Bai Ganio era, but then "jumped" to the European style from the 1930s. In the same style, "Shastlivetsa" in the city of the lindens. Retro accents give peace to the atmosphere and create a sense of home-like coziness. The street lamps, which are unobtrusively present in the hall, fit entirely into the concept of the overall lighting of the restaurant. They break the spaces and make the environment even more casual. The stylish furniture, upholstered in warm pastel colors, complements the elegant atmosphere that does not impose unnecessary luxury and glamour.

"A collection of tastes and aromas" is the motto that unites the offerings in the Shastlivetsa menu. The chefs in the kitchen are the winners of many awards from prestigious culinary competitions in Bulgaria and abroad. It is impossible to arrange all of the accents in the list, traditionally made in a photo album format. Dishes from different parts of Europe and from all corners of Bulgaria are present there. The great Hungarian goulash and cream soup of fresh zucchini with emmental cheese coexist with typical Bulgarian dishes, conserves, homemade bread and other tasty meat and delight.

For the first time in Stara Zagora, guests of Shtastliveca will be able to try a fresh pasta, prepared on the spot with special Italian flour. Spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne are served with your chosen sauce.

A lunch menu is provided for each day of the week. It offers both traditional Bulgarian desserts and hot dishes from European cuisine.

One of the trademarks of "Shastlivetsa" is the thematic dinner devoted to the kitchens of different nations. Upon preliminary requests from the customers in the restaurant prepare thematic evenings for small groups. For example, with friends, you can organize a Greek or Italian evening or just order your favorite Bulgarian dish, which is not on the menu. We can do an artistic and sensual interpretation for you of loading your table when set for a special occasion or just if you want to feel comfortable, quiet and different with us. Welcome to the restaurant "Shtastliveca" in the mall "Galleria" in Stara Zagora, which has 130 seats in its indoor hall and another 70 seats in the outdoor summer garden built on the top of Mall "Galleria".

Phone for reservations: +359 42 919 494.