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Euro Projects

New career opportunities for a job in VIMAR Ltd.

Documents for participation in the "Choice for public invitation" procedure for determining a contractor with a subject: Selection of an equipment supplier for the project "New opportunities for new jobs in VIMAR" Ltd. under the procedure "New workplace 2015" The funds are provided with grant from grant award procedure № BG05М9OP001-1.003 "New workplace 2015" financed by the Human Resources Development Operational Program 2014-2020, project BG05M9OP001-1.003-0038-C01 / 15.08.2016 "New opportunity for new jobs in VIMAR Ltd."

Information about the project

Project and main goal: NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR WORK CAREERS IN VIMAR OOD to create sustainable jobs for unemployed / inactive persons and improve their qualification by providing professional growth through vocational training, which will lead to the integration of vulnerable groups on the labor market. This project is aimed entirely at improving access to employment and job quality through investing in human resources.

Total value: 158 350.31BGN, of which 134 597.76BGN is European and 23 752.55BGN is national co-financing.

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